Mathieu Fitz Autier is William the Conqueror's most fearsome knight and will take Ingelwald as his reward. The Saxon demesne will be his and the new home for his Norman bride. All he has to do is bring Ingelwald's lady and her young brother to London, to King William, where they will face certain humiliation before their executions.

Lady Aelia will not give up so easily. Despite her mother's long-ago prophesy about finding love and the strange feeling she has at the first sight of her enemy, Aelia defies Fitz Autier at every turn. But even though he's her sworn adversary, she finds herself in his arms again and again as they combat one danger after another in their travels to London.

Once there, the couple has to fight not only the king's will but also Mathieu's estranged father and the father of his Norman bride-to-be in this quickly read tale. Devotees of this period may be disappointed by a lack of accurate details in setting. Instead of the conflicts so prevalent at this critical time in England's history, we watch Mathieu debate over the correct action to take once he's seduced Aelia. SENSUAL (Apr., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black