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by Johanna Lindsey

Genre: Regency Period, Historical Romance, England
Setting: Regency England


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Johanna Lindsey makes a triumphant return to Regency England with another glorious tale about the incomparable, lively and lusty Malory family.

When Kelsey Langton discovers that her family is in debt she agrees to be "sold" at an auction in a high class brothel to raise the money they need to stave off debtor's prison and save the family honor.

It is just her luck that notorious rake Lord Derek Malory is in the audience, and though Derek has no thought of "rescuing a damsel in distress," he cannot allow the vicious Lord Ashford to buy the lovely girl. He outbids his rival and purchases her as his mistress.

Derek has no idea of Kelsey's background and is stunned to find his "purchase" is a refined woman of wit, intelligence, grace and innocence. He decides to woo her as his mistress, but he never expects to fall in love with her and want her for his wife.

Because of the assumed difference in social status and her situation, Kelsey refuses to be his bride, but Derek will defy his family and convention to win his heart's desire. With the rest of the Malory clan working with him, Derek begins to wear down Kelsey's resolve.

Since Love Only Once, readers have fallen in love with the Malorys and their adventures. Only an author with magic at her fingertips could pen such a delightful, warm-hearted romance with a hero as wonderful, sexy, honorable and "kissable" as Derek. Once again Johanna Lindsey wins the hearts and minds of her readers with a story that will remain in their thoughts forever. SENSUAL (Nov., 352 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: William Morrow

Published: December 1996

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(3 ratings)

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Say You Love Me

Submitted by Robin in PA on June 20, 2014 - 10:25pm.

After finding out from her uncle that the family is on the verge of ruin, Kelsey Langton agrees to sell herself to the highest bidder in an auction at a Gentlemen’s club. She hopes to find a man who will treat her kindly and pay enough to cover the family’s debts. Lord Derek Malory isn’t shopping for a mistress when he visits the club with his friends. But when he sees Lord Ashton is the highest bidder, he knows he has to win her. Lord Ashton is a known sadist who uses a whip on his women. Derek can’t stand the thought of seeing the beautiful woman damaged by Ashton.

Derek sets Kelsey up as his mistress. The longer they are together, the more their relationship grows. Keeping her from his family gets to be hard when one family member after another sees them together. But the person Derek has to keep away from Kelsey is Lord Ashton who has sworn that Kelsey will one day be his.

I read this book years ago when it was first released and loved it. This re-read hasn’t changed my mind. Derek is one of those perfect heroes any woman would love to have. Kelsey is a strong woman who braves the worst for her family. We are also treated to the rest of the Malory family and their hilarious bickering. My rating: 4.5 Stars.