SAY YOU LOVE ME reintroduces us to Christian and Jordan Williams, the main characters from Ms. Byrds I Promise.

Fifteen years have passed since the couple married, and after years of being second to Jordans business, Christian now wants a divorce. Christian loves her man more than anything, but she cant deny that she misses the way things used to be. Jordan is stunned. He knows he works a lot, and sure, hes missed a special occasion or two (or three), but he always thought Christian understood his drive to succeed and to prove something to his father. But it seems understanding only goes so far.

Jordan loves his wife. Her departure is a wake-up call to him to get his priorities in order and win his wife backif its not too late.

Ms. Byrd has written a powerful novel that offers insightful observations on the theory that romance may fade, but true love stands the test of time. (Jan., 283 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks