When the gypsy woman gave him an amulet that would lead him to his destiny, Captain Declan O'Shae never guessed he would wake up in a seaside cave, 200 years later, with a strange woman prodding at him.

Libby Grayson, recently abandoned by the father of her son, is wary of the stranger who claims to be an 18th-century privateer—especially when he spouts tales of treasure buried in sleepy Sunset Key. As Declan begins raising the hopes and spirits of the townspeople, Libby finds that even she isn't immune to the Irishman's old world charm.

Filled with many humorous moments, SAY YOU'RE MINE is as charming as its roguish hero. However, Libby resists Declan for so long, the romance loses much of the sparkle it promises in the beginning. Also, the time travel element is often underplayed, depriving this otherwise enjoyable comedy of some rather funny confrontations. (Sep., $5.99 pp., 320)

Reviewed by: 
Gina Bernal