Readers will rejoice at the return of this consummate storyteller. With her finely drawn characters Busbee pens an emotional and passionate romance. A forced marriage, a love that grows and a chilling, unbalanced murderer hold your interest till the very end.

Eleanor "Nell" Anslowe's nightmares began after a tragic accident. The dreams are always the same: a dungeon, torture, murder and a man in the shadows. At 29, Nell has a fortune and no desire to marry. Tall, elegant Julian Weston, the Earl of Wyndham, also has no intention of marrying, but unusual circumstances bring Julian and Nell together. They wed and grow to love each other.

And then the nightmares come again, more frightening when Nell sees the man in the shadows staring at her. Julian believes her about everything she sees, but can he protect her from a vicious killer? They are certain that he's someone they know, but who? When the murderer is exposed the results are earth-shattering. (Zebra, Jul., 368 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond