Image of Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child


Image of Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child
SCANDAL: HIS MAJESTY’S LOVE-CHILD (4.5) by Annie West: Prince Tahir does not want to return to Qusay for his brother’s coronation, but duty calls. When his helicopter crashes he’s rescued by Annalisa and forgets all about Kaleef’s coronation — and everything else, since he has amnesia. As Tahir’s memory returns, he and Annalisa can no longer deny their attraction. When Tahir realizes he must become Qusay’s king, he offers to marry Annalisa to give their child legitimacy. But Annalisa wants love, and for Tahir to admit his true feelings for her. This worthy finale to the Dark-Hearted Desert Men series has a tale filled with emotion, danger and heat that will tug hard at readers’ heartstrings. The end is particularly satisfying.
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Rhomylly Forbes