Image of Scandal in Scotland (The Hurst Amulet)


Image of Scandal in Scotland (The Hurst Amulet)

The second book In Hawkins’ Hurst Amulet series reaches new heights in a humorous, fast-paced dramatic story that’s filled with sensual tension. Her passionate, intelligent characters make it impossible to put down.

Marcail Beauchamp, a famous actress, has never forgotten the man she loved. She forced sea captain William Hurst to leave her, believing it was best for their families. Now, a blackmailer is threatening her family and she is forced to steal an onyx box from William. The box ostensibly contains an artifact that William needs to free his brother, who’s being held prisoner by a Middle Eastern sultan. When William finds Marcail waiting for him on his ship he never suspects that she is there to drug him and steal the box. He pursues and captures Marcail only to find she is no longer in possession of the box. They must work together to recover the artifact. As the chase traverses Scotland, old passions are reignited and lead to a totally unexpected climax to their adventure and their love. (POCKET, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin