Image of In Scandal They Wed


Image of In Scandal They Wed

Jordan's series centering
on young ladies of humble origins who ensnare the ton's most sought after bachelors is an unadulterated winner. Her strong heroines and charming, sexy heroes sweep readers into stories as poignant as they are sensual, as memorable as they are fast-paced.

When her sister Linnie gives birth to an illegitimate child, Evie claims the baby as her own, ruining her chances for marriage. Spencer Lockhart's brother died with Linnie's name on his lips and Spencer is determined to find her and the child. He mistakes Evie for Linnie and is about to tell her of himself when her aunt shoots him.

Now Evie has the enemy recuperating in her house and believes she must keep up the pretense that she is her sister. But when Spencer proposes marriage for the child's sake, Evie finds it difficult to refuse. She desires the love and passion Spencer can give her. But what will happen when he uncovers the truth? (AVON, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin