Honoring the promise she made to the dying Marquis, Christina, an orphan with no last name, finds herself married to Gavin Norfolk, the new Marquis of Greenhaven: a man she has never seen.

Two years go by without a word from Gavin. Christina decides to travel to London to force him to annul the marriage contract.

When the two finally meet, a battle of wills ensues. To Christina, this tall, handsome man is the embodiment of sin.

Gavin discovers in Christina a woman he can truly love. But life and love never run smooth. Attempts made on their lives and the discovery of a letter written by the late Marquis conspire against them.

Though the reader is drawn into this entertaining tale and Ms. Thompson has a nice writing style, the story is a bit contrived and predictable, and the sometimes immature actions of the heroine were annoying to this reviewer. SENSUAL (Dec., 332 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond