With a great plot, and a fantastic cast, this book is a fun read. The dialogue is dynamic, and the interplay of a shy hero with an aggressive heroine is interesting. The only disappointment readers will have is that they don’t get to spend more time with these delightful characters.

Widowed Lady Daphne Pomeroy’s brother, Hugh, thinks that she has been alone long enough. He throws her a masquerade ball so that she can meet eligible men. The only man who grabs Daphne’s interest is the Marquess of Hartwell. Nicknamed “Black Hart” because of his aloofness, nobody knows that his cold exterior hides a secret stutter. But Daphne realizes that there is more to Hartwell than meets the eye, and she is determined to reveal his secrets — even if she has to seduce them out of him. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak