Practical, pragmatic Lady Madeline de Lacy. The Marchoness of Sheridan and one-day Duchess is not about to allow her gambler father to lose her future on the turn of a card. When he gambles her away, she changes places with her sweet, quiet cousin Eleanor and takes a position as a companion to Thomastin Tabard.

In this role, she gains entrance to a country home where the "game of the century" is to take place, and she believes her father will be there bringing a priceless family heirloom with him.

It is not easy for Madeline to be unassuming and obedient (or skilled with an iron), but it is even harder to face Lord Gabriel Ansell, the man she jilted.

Gabriel does not give away Madeline's identity. Instead he is determined to find out what is behind her charade and to win back her heart. But before that can happen they have to join forces to find the de Lacys' heirloom tiara and stop a con man's scheme.

Fast-paced, humorous, poignant, adorable and just plain fun, this first title in the Changing Places duet is a surefire winner. Watching Madeline being humble and her growing friendship with Thomasin is a pure delight, but most of all, it is seeing how Gabriel goes about reclaiming Madeline's love that makes this unforgettable. SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., 6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin