Sizzling sensuality, seduction and
danger, along with a fine overview of Russia and the political intrigues of the Romanov court, come together with a powerful, skillfully told love story that's not only a very satisfying but also vintage Rosemary Rogers.

With an English father and a Russian mother, Lord Edmond Summerville is a trusted adviser to Czar Alexander Pavlovich and a player in the dangerous game of Russian politics. When Edmond receives word that the life of his twin brother, Stefan, the Duke of Huntley, is in danger, he returns to England. Determined to flush out the would-be killer, Edmond pretends to be the Duke.

When she needs Stefan's help to escape the lustful advances of her stepfather, Brianna Quinn knows that it's Edmond, not Stefan, she faces. Edmond realizes his childhood friend has grown into a sharp-tongued and delectable minx of a woman and can ruin his charade if he doesn't offer her protection.

Not averse to a beautiful female, he desires Brianna, and she's not immune to his seduction. Made aware of a plot to assassinate the czar, Edmond returns to Russia with Brianna. When Brianna's life is threatened, Edmond is torn between duty to his adopted country and the power of an all-consuming love for a woman. (HQN, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond