Everything began with a statue molded by innocent Miss Jane Higgenbothem whose infatuation with Lord Blackburn took the form of a nude sculpture of the nobleman. Jane fled London in disgrace. She stayed in the country until now, eleven years later, when she returns to town as her nieces chaperone for The Season.

The ton hasnt forgotten the unveiling. Blackburn hasnt forgotten the kiss he shared with Jane, nor being societys laughingstock (Jane only put one very small fig leaf on her Blackburn).

She presents an interesting challenge to his manhood and maybe the key to a French spy network as well. Thus, Blackburn is tempted to court Jane for himself and his country.

The passion they each felt a decade ago blazes, and when they are found together in a compromising situation, Blackburn decides that they must wed. But Jane learns that Blackburn thinks shes a traitor. Stalked by the real turncoat, Jane is in grave danger until they can expose the true spies.

Christina Dodds clever plot, delightful mystery, romance and matchmaking add up to one pleasurable read. Ingenious, unique and talented, she is always stretching the boundaries of her genre. Ms. Dodd has another winner. SENSUAL (Sep., 356 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin