Image of The Scandalous Life of a True Lady (Signet Eclipse)


Image of The Scandalous Life of a True Lady (Signet Eclipse)

Metzger uses her in-depth knowledge of the Regency to bring new light to a spy thriller. The witty, spicy dialogue and intelligent characters more than make up for the slow pacing and lack of powerful conflict.

Penniless ex-governess Simone Ryland decides to become a rich man's chere amour. With the help of a madam, she's hired by the elderly Major Harrison to act as his companion at a party. But Harry is neither a major nor an old man; he's a master of disguise who uses his skills in the defense of the Crown. He's attending the party to locate a cache of incriminating letters, and he needs an intelligent, beautiful woman on his arm.

Simone is curious about Harrison, aka Harold, aka Harry, until she uncovers the truth of his charade. By then it's too late to back out. She's caught up in a courtesans' competition where the winner receives 1,000 pounds. Harry may be a master of disguise, but there's no way he can hide his attraction to Simone. (Signet Eclipse, Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin