Schone's spicy romance
is well worth the wait. Sophisticated, thought-
provoking, titillating, provocative and
a novel that tests the bounds of the genre, it delves into a woman's secret desires, exploring a world both passionate and intellectual and uncovering what happens if the rules are broken. This tour de force is a powerful feminist story that exposes the mores of Victorian society and strikes chords. Kudos to Schone for delivering a "keeper."

Married at 15, widowed at 49, Frances Hart has been a wife and mother but never a woman. Widower James Wilcox has been a successful lawyer and a husband but never a lover -- until Frances accidentally walks into the Men's and Women's club. The organization is dedicated to exploring sensuality on an intellectual level, but after Frances joins, the club begins exploring desire and experiencing what they have heretofore only discussed.

Frances is ripe for experience, the ideal partner for James, who wants to learn everything about a woman's deepest needs. As they enter new territory their hearts and minds blend. All is perfect until Frances' son suspects his mother is leading a "wild" life and attempts to have her committed. She needs James' legal expertise to evade imprisonment. (Brava, Feb., 453 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin