Image of Scandalous by Night (Carlisle Family, Book 4)


Image of Scandalous by Night (Carlisle Family, Book 4)

Pierce can look into the heart of a bad boy and find a hero we adore. Time and again she shows that love is multidimensional, light and dark, painful and joyous, sensual and compassionate. Then she gifts readers with stories we can't forget.

Revenge drives Viscount Everod to plot the seduction and ruin of Maura Keighly, whose guardian betrayed him 10 years earlier. That betrayal led to his near-death and banishment.

Maura, now a beautiful young woman, is about to accept Everod's brother's marriage proposal when he begins his slow, ruthless seduction of her mind, senses and body.

But Everod finds that there's more at stake than vengeance. There may well be a murder plot afoot, and his schemes have drawn Maura into danger. (St. Martin's, Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin