Despite the fact that sometimes the story's antiquated language is stilted, Soliman's latest release is a fun, suspenseful and sexy read. The tale is filled with seduction and danger and readers will enjoy how the chemistry between the hero and heroine is instantaneous and builds as the novel progresses towards a satisfying ending. Although the couple's initial courtship may frustrate readers as the pair becomes entangled in a series of increasingly — and unnecessarily — complicated misunderstandings, this period of confusion is resolved quickly, ensuring the couple gets the happy ending they deserve.

Lord Adam Fitzroy has stopped at a roadside inn for a brief break on the journey to his ancestral home. When a mysterious woman asks for his assistance, she arouses his curiosity, chivalry and lust. Ever the gentleman, Adam offers the lovely "Mrs. Smith" his help and a ride to the village just outside his family’s estate. However, when she later appears at a local house of ill repute and then in Adam’s own home as his mother’s companion, he cannot help but want to uncover the secrets of this seductive Spanish widow.

Florentina Grantley — aka Mrs. Smith — cannot believe her bad luck. On the run, she has no choice to ask for the aid of a handsome stranger, but when she discovers that Adam Fitzroy is actually her employers' son, she worries that her carefully guarded secretes will be revealed. When Adam offers Florentina a deal, his silence for one night in her arms, she accepts. But if one night isn't enough for this couple, will her secrets drive them apart? (CARINA, Sept. 2011, dl. $5.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet