There are not one but three ghosts in this angst-ridden paranormal romance. Highly emotional and smartly intuitive Daisy Malone goes to the "haunted" Laguna Vista on a dare when she is 10 years old and sees the ghost of Jonas Van Buren. Years later she meets Marcus Van Buren and can't believe the resemblance he bears to his long-dead grandfather.

Along with a determined ghostbuster out to prove that Laguna Vista isn't haunted, and the wealthy owner who wants to tear down the joint without knowing why, Daisy has gotten into more than she expected.

C.B. Scott's imaginative and thought-provoking debut ghost story is very vividly concocted. The charactersByes, even the ghostsBcome alive and jump right out of the pages and into your mind. (Now available, 360 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell