Image of That Scandalous Summer


Image of That Scandalous Summer

Here’s a sophisticated, witty, smart novel that, like a Mary Balogh romance, compels the reader to look deeper into the story and uncover great depth as well as grand passion. Some of the charm comes from Duran’s ability to take a character who appears one way on the surface and allow a glimpse into their soul, giving readers a better understanding of humanity and the power of love.

When Lord Michael de Grey’s grief-stricken brother demands Michael, a doctor, marry before he funds his hospital, Michael leaves for the country, where he meets widowed Elizabeth Chudderley. Elizabeth seems the merry widow when, in truth, her funds are dwindling. She realizes that, for the sake of all those who depend on her, she must marry a wealthy man. Matching wits and wiles with Michael is exhilarating, and the sexual tension between them is palpable. But he’s a poor doctor, and she’s unsuitable to be a lord’s bride. Soon circumstances thrust them into a blackmail scheme and the means to solve all their problems. (POCKET, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin