Widowed Lady Catherine Granville accepts social banishment when the new Lady Granville, Lavinia, marries her detestable nephew, Hugo. Catherine finds a niche for herself teaching genteel young ladies. But Lavinia thinks that Catherine working disgraces the family name and begins devising a plan to have her ousted from her teaching position. Lavinia appeals to her lover, Lucian, the Marquess of Charlmont, to convince Catherine to close the school. Lucian investigates under the guise of finding a proper learning environment for his niece, which startles Catherine, since he's the man who stole her heart many years ago. There are several intriguing conflicts in THE SCANDALOUS WIDOW (4), and Evelyn Richardson writes a touching story of faith, trust and love. (Apr., 224 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor