From the moment rakish Marcus Brandton, the Earl of Brantwood, sees the lovely, exotic Lady Thacea Worthington, he wants to make her his mistress, but she is not so willing.

Forced into marriage to George Worthington by her uncle, the powerful sheik of a small Middle Eastern kingdom, Thacea must obey her husband, or he will tell her uncle of her brother's whereabouts.

Trapped in a loveless, brutal marriage Thacea turns to Marcus for help in selling a family heirloom in order to raise the money George is demanding. Marcus agrees, swearing that he will seduce her and yet leave her free from scandal. He woos her, but she maintains her ground until the terrible truth about her marriage is revealed. Then to escape a horrid scandal Thacea marries Marcus.

Their marriage is a sensual idyll, until a misunderstanding drives them apart, placing Thacea is danger.

Ms. Kaye has taken a trusted romance plot and turned it into a refreshing and riveting read by creating wonderfully likable characters. This is a fast, highly enjoyable and sensual tale. SENSUAL (Jan., 349 pp., $5.99)

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