Image of The Scandals of An Innocent (The Brides of Fortune)


Image of The Scandals of An Innocent (The Brides of Fortune)

With engaging characters -- a rakish hero with demons to conquer and a sensible heroine -- and a bit of merry mayhem, the new installment of Cornick's Brides of Fortune series is an emotional and sensual delight.

Housemaid Alice Lister was left a tidy sum of money when her former employer passed away. A year ago the rakish Lord Miles Vickery courted Alice for her money, then jilted her for an heiress with a bigger purse. Now Miles is back in Fortunes Folly, on business for the Crown, his heiress gone on to greener pastures. As the new Marquis of Drum he's not only inherited the title but the debts as well. He wanted Alice a year ago and still wants her now, along with her money, but will she take him back?

When Alice is forced into a secret betrothal, Miles must abide by the terms of her inheritance. For three months he must be honest in his words and dealings. Soon his heart and his emotions begin to melt. Alice sees an inkling of the true Miles, but the demons that plague him still hover. Will Alice, with the love she's always felt for him, be able to break through the barrier and release them both? (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
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Joan Hammond