When radical and scientific-minded Georgina "Gina" Penford brings the Earl of Ravenstone to task, his life will never be the same. After receiving her scathing letter addressing his negligence of his half-sister Melanie, Justin is absolutely certain Georgina is a lonely, meddlesome harridan of a spinster. When Justin meets a beautiful, interesting and mysterious woman at a geology lecture, he is smitten with desire. When she disappears before he learns her name, Justin does a little sleuthing which puts him in a pickle.

Thinking she's a lady of the evening, Justin sets out to make her his mistress. Imagine his surprise when he finds out the sensual lady is none other than Georgina Penford, the busy-body harpy.

Justin and Georgina are thrown together when Melanie runs away from school and shows up at Georgina's family estate. Justin is sure Georgina has something to do with it. Georgina had known nothing about Melanie's plan until both their arrivals. Justin begins to find there is more to Gina than meets the eye. Gina also finds Justin is not the man his step-mother claimed him to be, as her feelings for him begin to deepen.

Justin vowed to never wed again after his disastrous and painful first marriage. Gina has sworn off marriage in order to keep her independence and the freedom to study geology. They both soon discover love will overcome all.

This novel is a witty, amusing tale in the tradition of Amanda Quick. This is a tried-and-true plot, however, with a cast of characters we have met before, thus there are no surprises, just a charming and pleasant, entertaining, quick read. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox