A child of nature, Nicoletta communes with plants and animals and is possessed with healing gifts that could brand her a witch. The villagers, however, accept her and keep her identity as their healer a secret.

Summoned by Don Giovanni Scarletti of the Palazzo, Nicoletta and her guardian, Maria Pi, go under their usual ruse, she as apprentice and Maria Pia as the healer. Word reaches the village that the Don has called forth the Bridal Covenantwhich hasnt been done in 200 years. Nicoletta knows he is coming for her and seeks to outwit him. Don Scarletti is not fooled however. He will have no one but her.

Nicoletta knows Don Scarletti is different. What else explains his voice in her head, soothing and whispering, and the inexplicable feelings she has whenever he is near. These feelings soon turn into longings and she cannot stop herself from falling under his spell. Yet, the Scarletti curse has claimed womens lives for as long as anyone can remember.

Mesmerizing and haunting, THE SCARLETTI CURSE will hold you in thrall as the mysterious tale unfolds. Ms. Feehan weaves a dark tale wherein secrets abound and evil lurks in every corner. With a tightly woven plot that keeps you guessing, and rich, colorful characterization, you will soon lose yourself within the pages of this compelling gothic tale. (Mar., 383 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor