Image of The Scarred Heir


Image of The Scarred Heir

Patrick’s first in the Scarred series is gratifying and utterly romantic. The novel becomes incredibly redeeming and picks up the pace significantly when Sarah learns of Max’s true identity and both travel to London to learn more about the scheming Viscount Royden. There are several light plot twists throughout that will keep readers on their toes and rooting for Sarah’s well-being, as well as for her impending love life with Max. Overall, it’s an exciting Regency novel accompanied by sweet romance and a stellar plot.

Sarah Standish has just a few more months before she gains full control of her inheritance. Three years ago, Sarah escaped from Viscount Royden, a horrible man who only wanted her for her money. When Royden unexpectedly arrives at the inn Sarah is working at, she is baffled to find that the viscount is kindhearted and has no recollection of Sarah at all. The man she believes to be Viscount Royden is actually his twin brother, Max. Sarah is soon caught up in trying to help Max uncover the viscount’s terrible plans to secure more wealth. (SAMHAIN, Dec., 256 pp., $15.00)
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Sarah Eisenbraun