Image of Scavenger


Image of Scavenger

The creator of Rambo and other
thrillers delivers a heart-stopping action story that takes the concept of "video game" to its ultimate extreme --
a real-life contest of wits between the
protagonists and the Game Master
in which failure means death. Occasional over-the-top scenarios
can be forgiven because the grip
of this plot-driven novel is immediate
and unrelenting. From page one,
you'll forsake daily chores as you
follow the players' progress through nearly insurmountable obstacles to
the final confrontation.

Ex-cop Frank Balenger built a new life with Amanda after the death of his wife. Now, Amanda is missing. They were at a lecture about time capsules when Frank passed out, and when he came to, she was gone. As he searches for her, Frank realizes that he's a player in a high-tech game controlled by the deranged Game Master. A lost time capsule holds the key to his and Amanda's survival, and Frank has only 40 hours to solve the elaborate puzzle or the Game Master will deliver the ultimate penalty -- death. The electrifying race is on! (Vanguard Press, Mar., 368 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters