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Image of Scent of Butterflies


Image of Scent of Butterflies

Mossanen’s novel of betrayal and obsessive love is spiced with fantastical elements, from a tame owl to deadly flowers. In this woman’s journey, the heroine can be, at times, difficult to like — or even understand — but taking the leap with the author plunges readers into worlds that are at once wonderful and destructive, both physically and psychologically.

Soraya, wife of a wealthy man, a Jew living in Tehran and a generally modern woman, flees her country for America after the ultimate betrayal by her husband and her best friend. The hurt is so deep that she can’t express it, except through her fantastical plans to exact her revenge. She buys a home in California and cultivates its gardens, caring tenderly for the Corpse Flower and its deadly blossoms. As she pampers the bloom, her thinking becomes increasingly less grounded in reality, as she imagines an owl as her grandmother reincarnated and makes poison for her rival. When her friend and husband show up, everything is revealed, but the affair is not the secret that could destroy Soraya’s carefully constructed view of her life. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 288 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison