Image of Scent of Persuasion (Sensory Ops)


Image of Scent of Persuasion (Sensory Ops)

Much like the first book in this Sensory Ops series, the author has once again infused her story with as much sensuality as possible. The plot moves along at a moderate pace, and the characters’ relationship is sexy. Although fun in places, the story, unfortunately, is nothing new to the world of romance.

No matter what the police call it, Kami Evans knows that her brother Channing was murdered. She also knows that his death had something to do with a call girl employed by a woman named Madame V. Stepping into the fire, Kami becomes an escort and is assigned to accompany an incredibly handsome man, but when she saunters into Breck Lawson’s office she’s startled to find a man who is unlike any corporate big shot she’s ever met. Breck Lawson is harboring his own secrets. Taking over for the last CEO who supposedly died under mysterious circumstances, Breck is doing everything in his power, including using the FBI, to uncover a criminal mastermind who seems to have found a way to turn “normal” men crazy. When he meets Kami Evans, he can barely breathe. She’s sensuous, captivating and somehow knows exactly what to do in any situation. With Kami in his sights and the FBI beside him, Breck must figure out who’s behind an impossible crime — and try not to lose his heart in the process. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 120 pp. $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor