Though always willing to help clients, family counselor Elizabeth Conner is at a loss when it comes to Maria Santiago. She's very young and expecting her first child soon -- and Maria swears that the house she shares with her husband, Miguel, is haunted. No one believes her -- including Elizabeth -- until she spends a night at the Santiago home.

There's no rational explanation for what happens, and Elizabeth gets no satisfaction from Carson Harcourt, the owner of the house, when she asks permission to investigate. Instead, she's forced to rely for help on Carson's half-brother, Zack, who's equally disbelieving -- at first. Now an attorney, Zack's no longer the hell-raiser Elizabeth once knew, and facing her growing feelings for him is nearly as scary as the goings-on at the Santiago house.

Genuinely chilling, and probably best read in daylight hours, this isn't just a ghost story. The characters have some intriguing facets, and there's also a nice twist at the end. (Jul., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer