Touring Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, Shawn Corrigan is drawn to a cave in the mountainside, Merlins cave, by an unusual scent, which he believes only he can smell. The aroma emanates from a glass bottle, and becomes the source behind strange, visionary dreams.

In Flordia, gifted Darcy Brannigan has a premonition of following the trace of a scent only she can smell. With her friend Aili, she heads to Cornwall for answers.

Shawn spots the woman he has seen in his dreams at Heathrow airport. Darcy is amazed to see the blue eyes that have haunted hers. Going their separate ways, they finally team up in the States. Shawn and Darcy are undeniably drawn to one another, but its Darcys vision of Shawns death that has her traveling with him to Cornwall to an unknown danger and a surprising revelation about a close friend.

THE SCENT OF STONE is an excellent story of Merlin and magic. Shawn and Darcy are great, but its the secondary characters that make this story a step above the usual. Fans of Merlin wont want to miss this. (Mar., dl

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley