Samuel Truelove has a lovely wife, Annie, a beautiful daughter and a thriving surgical practice. Some say he has a gift in his hands; Samuel and Annie instinctually know they have been blessed by God. But they forget that they have a spiritual enemy out to destroy them, and they become complacent in their faith and in their love for each other.

When double tragedy strikes, they are driven from God and from each other by walls of hurt and bitterness. After years of estrangement, both return home to the hills of Tennessee to make their parting final. But God might have a different plan for these two.

In this character-driven novel, Nichols delves deep into the human search for answers to the tragedies in life. The characters ring true, as do their interrelationships, although Nichols' style occasionally bogs down in introspection and setting detail. (Oct., 416 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson