Image of Scent Of A Woman (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of Scent Of A Woman (Mediterranean Nights)
Attending a fragrance conference on board the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream on behalf of Prestige Scents, one of his family firm's holdings, wouldn't normally be on Adam Burns' to-do list. But once he meets Danielle Chevalier, the representative of Les Reves, Adam forgets about that. A fling with Danielle is just what the co-VP ordered, despite the fact that she's a competitor for a lucrative overseas account -- and everything Adam could ever want in a woman. Which also makes Danielle dangerous to Adam's footloose bachelor lifestyle -- in the extreme! Joanne Rock's Scent of a Woman (4) offers a steamy tale with truly terrific characters. Adam is far from a stereotypical rich playboy, and Danielle has a seldom-seen depth and maturity. Perfect for the beach, but it's got a little something extra.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer