This winning combination of authors pen
a quartet of novellas that spin off from Jeffries' popular School for Heiresses series. During the holidays, four young women are set off to practice their lessons, with surprising results. These tales charm, delight and give you a warm glow.

The headmistress of the unconventional school asks Jeffries' heroine, Eliza, to find "Ten Reasons to Stay" when Eliza discovers her guardian wants to marry her off. She runs away, and a surprise encounter with her neighbor, Colin Hunt, leads to something unexpected.

When courtesan's daughter Martinique goes to a country estate for the holiday, a misunderstanding about bedroom assignments thrusts her into a sensual meeting with the notorious Lord St. Vain. Why should the passion between these two unusual people be anything but naughty in Carlyle's titillating "After Midnight"?

Sometimes a former student needs a refresher course. So the schoolmistress sends Grace to find a match among the London ton. Instead, she discovers an attraction to a commoner, Barrett Adlaine, and London lets her discover that love does not have to come with a title in "The Merchant's Gift."

Trouble follows Alyssa wherever she goes, and she has to try to rid herself of her habit of constantly falling into mishaps. How can she be the perfect woman for logical Leland Yates? But Bernard manages to bring out the best in both of them and let a bit of mischief rule in "Mischief's Holiday." (Pocket Star, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin