L. E. Modesitt adds another thrilling chapter to the saga of the Recluce fantasy series with SCION OF CYADOR (4.5). Lorn finds his destiny after surviving the ruthless culling process of political chaos. A veteran as well as a survivor of the Accursed Forest, he finds his new assignment at the port of Biehl. He manages to confound his enemies, however, with a brilliant albeit unorthodox tactic of taking the war to the barbarians instead of assuming the traditional defensive stance. His next assignment, however, puts him directly in a merciless line of fire, and it will take all of his courage, tenacity and daring to preserve everything he cherishes most. As usual, Mr. Modesitt provides masterful characterization, exquisitely subtle plot development and a breathlessly exciting conclusion for an outstanding reading experience.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer