Image of Scorched: The Dark Forgotten


Image of Scorched: The Dark Forgotten

Picking up after the events from her terrific launch book, Ravenous, Ashwood now follows the exploits of former cop turned demon Connall Macmillan in her latest Dark Forgotten novel. Readers
will be happy that the protagonists from the first book return as well. Ashwood does a stellar job fleshing out her world and the range of characters in it. This is a splendid way to spend your precious leisure time!

Having been turned into a demon following a bad date, ex-detective Mac is trying to regain his normal life. In the magical fallout from the destruction of the demon Geneva, Mac regained most of his humanity, but vampire Alessandro Caravelli doesn't trust him. Caravelli tosses Mac into the magical prison called the Castle.

Barely turned vampire Constance has spent centuries in the Castle, serving the sorcerer Atreus. But Atreus has gone mad, and now the guardsmen have kidnapped her adopted son. Mac's protective nature and detective skills are fully engaged when he agrees to help Constance. Something is going wrong within the Castle, and unless Mac and Constance can figure out how to stop it, many may die.

(SIGNET ECLIPSE, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith