Image of Scorched (Tracers)


Image of Scorched (Tracers)

This entry in the Tracers series has it all: dynamite characters, a taut plot and plenty of sizzle to balance the suspense, without overwhelming it. Fortunately for newcomers, the book stands on its own, so you can dive right in, and then go looking for the rest of the series.

Forensic anthropologist Kelsey Quinn has catalogued many a massacre site, but there is something really odd about the set of bones she finds close to a mass burial in the Philippines. When she witnesses the killing of the FBI investigator on the case, she knows she is in deep trouble, so she goes on the run. The FBI, in searching for her, contacts an old flame, Navy SEAL Gage Brewer. Gage never stopped caring for Kelsey but couldn’t give up the teams for her. He is not going to let her get killed by some rogue operator. He will risk everything, including his career, to be sure she is safe. Can Kelsey and Gage outwit a terrorist who has infiltrated the FBI, turning its resources against them? (POCKET, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan