This is a wonderfully enchanting addition to Blair's witch series in which familiar characters make regular appearances. Victoria's gradual acceptance of her magic and Rory's discovery that love is magic make this a heartwarming story with a charming amount of humor.

Legend says the woman who can use the key to open the wardrobe possesses the magic of her ancestors. When Vicki opens it, she finds an intricately carved carousel unicorn.

When Rory MacKenzie discovers Vicki has the unicorn, he travels from Scotland to get it back -- it belonged to his ancestor, who sent it to the American woman he loved, causing his village's prosperity to end. Rory needs to figure out how to get the unicorn from Vicki, who has no desire to give it up, for love or money. And Rory is finding it difficult not to fall in love with this beautiful witch, because even though she denies it, Vicki has the magic of her ancestors and only has to rhyme to bring it forth.

(Berkley Sensation, Dec., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley