Image of Scotch on the Rocks


Image of Scotch on the Rocks

This refreshing new series gets off to a brilliant start with an exciting story and entertaining characters. There's danger, humor, sex and love in this fast-paced adventure that never takes a breath.

Although legendary film star Jeremy Robarts was found innocent of murder, he is lounging at Byron's Purgatory Bar and Grill, waiting to pass into the Light. Byron is just the guy to get him there, with the help of beautiful, blond, living psychic Courtney Wells. They transport to 1940s Hollywood, where Byron can join her for four hours a day while they investigate the crime. What they don't expect is a conspiracy among all the players who knew Robarts and a strong mutual attraction. Everyone lies, and soon Byron and Courtney's masquerade is uncovered, putting them in mortal danger. (Time Travelers, Sep., 267 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown