While the English king Edward strives to force the Scots led by Robert the Bruce into submission, Alexander Fraser fights to hold onto his lands, his freedom and to save his brothers life.

When Jamie Fraser is held captive by the Earl of Warfield, Alex takes Warfields daughter, Catherine, as his hostage at Castle Rock.

Catherine knows her father will not sacrifice his loyalty to the king to save her life and she is prepared for cruelty, but not for Alexs gentle seduction. Starved for love, she becomes Alexs willing mistress, knowing her reckless passion can only lead to unhappiness.

Learning that Alex may have used her as part of a scheme, Catherine flees, but is brought back to the castle only to find that his enemies have destroyed the village. Alex declares war and Catherine rides with him into danger.

Caught in a war between fierce adversaries, Catherine fights to save Alexs life and their love, both on and off the battlefields.

Juliana Garnett sweeps readers back to the 14th century with her rich prose and a passionate romance. Combining actual events and historical personages with her characters, she brings history to life in the way only the finest historical writer can do. SENSUAL (Nov., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin