The Earl of Kinloch, Drew Cameron, leaves Scotland for America to forget his empty past. Once there, he takes a bullet meant for Kirby Kingsley, then impulsively joins Kingsley's trail drive.

Masquerading in ragged clothes as a boy, Gabrielle Parker joins Kingsley's crew. She believes Kingsley ordered her father's murder, and that Drew may have been the trigger man.

"Gabe" Lewis becomes the butt of the drovers' jokes and too often Drew pulls her worthless neck out of trouble. Then he discovers that beneath the urchin's exterior lies the heart and body of a beautiful young woman.

From then on they are ensnared in a dangerous charade as they get closer to unmasking the killer and the reason he is gunning for Kingsley.

Ms. Potter takes us on a wild trail ride complete with a broken down horse, an abandoned Indian baby, a stray dog and a young calf who make up the most lovable Noah's ark I've ever seen. As always, she gifts us with a story of love and triumph, of goodness defeating evil and of the magical power of love to redeem and heal. Make room on your keeper shelf for this one! SENSUAL (March, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin