Ramsey Forbes, Marquis of Linirk and Laird of Clan Forbes, will do just about anything to reclaim his ancestral Scottish home. With a three centuries old feud between Clan Forbes and MacKenzie and their claims to Glen Gray at stake, it all comes to rest on a marriage contract. Ramsey is determined to be the winner.

Thus Ramsey sets his plan in motion and foils the engagement of Cassandra St. John, whose father owns Glen Gray. He hopes to convince St. John that Glen Gray should be in the hands of Forbes.

His plans for seducing Cassandra, however, soon run amuck as he finds his heart is no longer his own. When Cassandras fianci breaks the betrothal, she is outraged and dismayed. However when the handsome Lord Ravencliff comes to her rescue when she is set upon by footpads and then begins popping up everywhere, she soon forgets her fiancis desertion.

It would seem that MacKenzie has similar plans for Cassandras twin and he too loses his heart in the battle. Both lairds have opposing forces working against their desire and betrayals on both sides. Ramsey finds his hopes dashed and the love of his life lost.

When lives are threatened and Cassandras innocence hangs in the balance, Ramsey must decide what is most important in life.

THE SCOTSMANS BRIDE is an engaging tale brimming with lively humor, captivating repartee and a twisting plot that will keep you ensnared until the last page. Linda Madl showcases her ability to weave a colorful tapestry with words in this tale of loves redemption. SENSUAL (Mar., 351 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor