Proper Charlotte St. John impersonates her daring twin Cassandra and attends a boxing match. She is stunned by the fighters powerful physique. Known as the Brawlin Scot, Lord Connor McKensie fights so that he can buy back his clans lands, which had been lost in a long ago feud.

They meet again at a soiree. Her aunt pushes them together. Charlotte is a wealthy heiress with no title, and Connor has a title but no money. It is her aunts idea for Charlotte to escort Connor around London, and Connor insists on Charlottes company.

As they explore the city, a mutual desire builds. Charlotte cannot accept Connors need to fight, though she rushes to his side when he is injured in a match. But when Connor is offered the fight of his life, offering him the chance to buy back his clans lands, he must decide which he needs most: fame or Charlottes love. As others try to stop the fight, Connor and Charlotte wage their own passionate battle.

Readers will get a different insight into life in the 19th century through Connors eyes, and the interesting backdrop adds color to a sweet romance with some conflict and tender passion. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager