Abducted, Lillias McGinnis is forced to become the child bride of Ian MacCleod. Nine years pass before he returns to claim his birthright and his bride. Ian takes his place as head of his clan, but to take his place with his bride is another matter, for they are at cross-purposes with one another.

The child he married is now a beautiful woman, blaming him for her father's death. He proposes a marriage in name only. With Lillias by his side he can win the support of the clans and fulfill his desire for peace.

Though wary of this fierce Highland chief, Lillias finds herself succumbing to his passion as he teaches her to love and forgive. As their feelings for each other unfold, however, treacherous enemies are poised to destroy all.

A change of pace for Ms. Hanchar, THE SCOTTISH BRIDE is an enjoyable romantic tale set in the Highlands and is sure to please her many fans. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin