The Sherbrookes are back with this tale of the youngest brother, Tysen, who has unexpectedly inherited a castle in Scotland. Tysen is a vicar and a widower with three children. When Tysen announces that he is going to Scotland, 10-year-old daughter Meggie steals away to accompany him.

While out riding one day, Tysen rescues Mary Rose Fordyce from a fall, and is shocked by his intense sensual reaction. Growing up a bastard has put her at the risk of suffering abuse from locals. After later escaping the attack of a rapist, bruised and half-drowned Mary Rose flees, chancing to hide in Tysens Kildrummy Castle. He discovers Mary and begins to nurse her back to health.

When it is brought to Tysens attention that he is ruining Mary Roses reputation, he marries her. Though she feels she is unworthy, their passion flames. A more lighthearted Tysen, one who laughs and smiles, replaces the serious version, but will parishioners accept the new Tysen?

THE SCOTTISH BRIDE is the fourth Sherbrooke family story. Fans of this wonderful series will be thrilled to see how love changes the youngest Sherbrooke brother. The rest of the family from years past form excellent secondary characters, especially 10-year-old Meggie. Shell give some man a run for his money some day. SENSUAL (Jan., 377 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager