Image of The Scottish Prisoner: A Novel (Lord John Grey)


Image of The Scottish Prisoner: A Novel (Lord John Grey)

A new Lord John story is always welcome, but one that features Jamie Fraser is a triumph. Gabaldon fills in parts of the series’ missing pieces and delivers a taut, suspenseful mystery that will captivate fans of both series. As her fans know, Gabaldon brilliantly combines strong characters, breathtaking historical events, epic escapades and deception to create an unforgettable read.

Sometime spy, loyal soldier and nobleman Lord John Grey comes into possession of a packet of documents that could expose a British officer of treachery against the Crown. He needs Jamie Fraser’s help to prove the validity of the papers. Jamie is a paroled prisoner of war in the Lake District, dreaming of his lost wife and disturbed by the appearance of fellow Jacobite rebel, Tobias Quinn. Jamie is done with war, but Quinn has a plan to use an ancient relic to rally the Irish to the cause. Then Lord John asks Jamie to translate a message from an ancient Highland dialect and suddenly they become reluctant companions on a dangerous journey to Ireland, where dark secrets and treachery await. (DELACORTE, Dec., 544 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin