Jill Jones is one of the few authors who can burst onto the publishing scene and create their own special niche. Her talent for combining fact with new historical possibilities is unmatched. THE SCOTTISH ROSE seamlessly blends the elements of romance, time-travel, adventure and danger with truly spectacular results.

The producer and host of the TV show, "Legends, Lore & Lunatics," Taylor Kincaid has just inherited property in Scotland. So, she takes her film crew to Scotland,.

There, she convinces a local sailor to take them to view the huge stone structure, Ladysgate, an alleged time-travel portal. When Harbor Master, Duncan Fraser, realizes that they have ventured out with a storm brewing, he angrily heads to the rescue. During the vicious storm, however disaster ensues and Taylor and Duncan become separated from the rest of the party.

When the storm breaks, Duncan and Taylor realize they are no longer in the 20th century; it's 1652 and the Scots are holding out in a desperate siege against Cromwell. The historic treasure, the Honours of Scotland, are within a local Castle. Suddenly, Taylor and Duncan are caught up in the struggle to preserve the regal relics.

Taylor learned from her recent inheritance that there may be a secret addition to the Honours, one that Mary Queen of Scots included years earlier: a gold chalice called the Scottish Rose. Duncan and Taylor struggle to survive yet not to change history.

And somehow, beyond it all, they must find a way back through the Ladysgate.

(Feb., 289 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith