For her family's benefit, Emily Maitland invents a husband, although deception does not suit her personality. Then her imaginary spouse, Major Sheridan Blake, makes a very real appearance.

Deception suits Simon St. James' mission to unmask a traitor to his country. A noble mission, but one only a scoundrel could carry out. Simon must use Emily to get to the man he suspects is a turncoat-her father.

Emily knows she cannot trust the handsome devil masquerading as her husband, but she softens when she glimpses the torment behind Simon's eyes. He moves her as no other man and to him she is an angel he would gladly wed.

Caught between secrets from the past and a very treacherous present, Emily and Simon are joined in a mission where their hearts and lives are endangered.

Debra Dier pens a delightfully original romance. SCOUNDREL is an enchanting book to treasure. SENSUAL (Jan., 376 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin