"I promise that the Titulus will be returned to Inverfyre… No matter what I must do to see to it."

That statement sets a thrilling cat-and-mouse game into motion, as Evangeline plots to steal a holy relic back from the scoundrel who purloined it from her father. She needs the relic to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Gawain Lammergeier has no idea that the wench he beds so passionately is no common lightskirt. In the morning, she and the Titulus are gone, and he is bent on revenge. In a fast-paced game of one-upmanship, Gawain and Evangeline trade barbs, challenge each other and find themselves caught by their own deceits.

Though original and cleverly plotted, with many twists and turns, the novel's narrative, told through alternating chapters by Gawain and Evangeline, may be jarring to some readers.

But the underlying theme of how a fallen man reclaims his morals makes this a very meaningful, out-of-the-ordinary tale. Kudos to Delacroix for being an original! SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin