Blacksmith Daniel McCabe, a confirmed bachelor and town lothario, needs a wife fast. He wants someone amenable and knowledgeable about children, and who better to fill the post than his best friend, spinster schoolmarm Sarah Crabtree? Theirs is a practical arrangement -- his name and protection for her help with his nephew and household.

Daniel, however, gets more than he bargains for. His practical wife demands that he perform "husbandly courtesies." When he refuses, Sarah goes on strike. Daniel sets out to seduce his wife into compliance, but he, in turn, is the one seduced. The newlyweds struggle to find their way when the reason for their hasty marriage is removed. Suddenly, their marriage of convenience proves inconvenient, and an annulment seems eminent.

How does one spell romance? P-L-U-M-L-E-Y. Readers are in for a treat with her latest tale, a funny, lively and often outrageous battle of wills that will keep readers riveted until the last page. SENSUAL (Apr., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer