For those who adore a leisurely stroll through the hearts and souls of characters as they fall in love and survive a dark past, Petersen crafts a rich brocade of charged emotions and haunting secrets in a classic, engaging story.

Caleb Talbot and Marah Farnsworth have met once before in an illicit, erotic afternoon of forbidden and secret passion. Two years later, they meet again when Marah’s friend needs her in London and Caleb crawls out of the gutter he’s been hiding in. He took to hiding, drinking, and whoring when he found out the truth about his parentage but now that the man he called father is dying, Caleb must choose between a life of resentment or freedom. But to do that, he must uncover his family’s secrets and make amends to Marah. Since that day two years ago, she’s put memories of Caleb away and now plans to wed a man who promises stability. But now that Marah’s back in London, she not only has to face Caleb, but also reconcile her own secretive past or lose the one chance at love she’ll ever have. Will it be with her fiancé or the wild scoundrel who shares her heart? (AVON, Aug., 351 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black